Our Activity

2006~July, 2014 The forerunner of NPO, “Khelghar Japan”

Our project which aims to support Indian villages started in 2006 when our main focus was to support the education of children in slum areas of central west part of India, in the state of Maharashtra.

We were working with a local NGO called “Khelghar”, so we named our project as “Khelghar Japan”. We have sent various educational materials and organized school trips and we have invited a slum youth and a Khelghar teacher from India to Japan as a part of our project five times for 3 years. In the course of this project, we encountered the concept of making handmade solar panels.

We made the panel and introduced it to some villages and recognized that this could be a way to improve the lives and standard of living of the people in slum areas and in the villages.

India local NGO “Khelghar”

We organized “inviting project” and we made solar panels at a high school.

September, 2012 ~ March, 2016

While supporting slum areas, promoting activities for village people with “Jnana Prabodhini”

Jnana Prabodhini is a NPO and a local educational institution in Maharashtra which was established 50 years ago and its main aim is to train young people to support the society.

It has main school in Pune city and other branches in various areas.

In some slum areas there are no basic facilities like toilets, electricity etc. and these problems are due to the poor standard of living in slum areas as well as in villages.

After studying these conditions we recognized that there is no other solution for this problem than to improve the standard of living of the people in slum areas and in the villages.

In 2012, to tackle the problem and support these areas, we sent a laminator from Japan to Jnana Prabodhini by which solar panels can be made manually and since then, we have been promoting our activity with our handmade solar light system for villages.

In the months of June and July 2014, we invited a youth from Khelghar and the vice principal of Jnana Prabodhini to Japan and we took them to visit various places in Japan to study the fields related to our project.

We have focused on promoting solar power in Harali village and Jnana Prabodhini branch in Harali has a primary school, junior high school, agricultural college and women supporting school.

[What we have done]

  • To promote our handmade solar system using small solar panel and LED lamp
  • To make experiments of drawing water using small water pump
  • To make experiments of water purifying with “Poly-glu”
  • To support to promote commercialized organic crops





Our handmade solar system

We installed it with children in a slum in Pune.

Some houses have no electricity supply.

Experiment of water purifying with “Poly-glu”.

March, 2016.

As mentioned above, we have been promoting to support the education of children in slum areas of central west part of India from 2006.

Towards the end of 2012, we sent a “big laminator” from Japan to Jnana Prabodhini to make handmade

40W solar panels. We started getting involved in the project of reviving villages with Jnana Prabodhini and

within 4 years we developed a project of producing hand-made solar panels and LED lamps. Also, we have developed “middle laminator” by which handmade 10W solar panels can be made with a local technical college. After putting in a lot of effort and time, the results were very encouraging. 

On March in 2016, due to some unacceptable reasons and conditions, we had to terminate the partnership with Jnana Prabodhini.We believed that Jnana Prabodhini clearly understood that this solar project wouldn’t have reached its current stage without these 10-years of efforts with Tajima’s pension and all of his savings spent to help the poor people. All the laminators and others material are mainly developed and funded by Tajima and our NPO.After much consultation we decided to terminate our partnership and leave the big laminator at Jnana  Prabodhini.

April, 2016 ~

In January 2016, we had the opportunity to participate in an international conference in Amravati.

We had a work shop and presentation there and we received a great response from people at the conference.

We would like to continue our project with people whom we can really trust. We support poor villages for their independence with our 10-years’ experience and a middle laminator considering for entire India.

Our handmade solar right system – connecting 4W solar panel to 6V battery and turn on LED lamp.

We had a workshop the day before the international conference in Amravati

We had also a presentation.

We were invited and we had a workshop in Amravati University.

The document of our project at the international conference