Supporting Villages in India.

Agriculture connecting rural and urban Japan

1. We always think about everything from the point of view of poor people.

2. We don’t give charity / money. We provide job opportunities.

3. We always consider our activities on a global ecology.

The center of our project is supporting children living in slums and poor villages in India.
Our project called “Khelghar Japan” started in 2006 in central west part of India, Maharashtra
state to support children living in slum areas with the help of a local NGO “Khelghar”.

We have been involved in the activities of empowering people in slums and rural areas.
Slum localities lack basic facilities like toilets and electricity supply and such problems are
caused by poor lives in villages. And we recognized that it’s difficult to solve these problems
if the lives in the villages cannot be improved.
In order to fundamentally resolve these issues like slums, excessive concentration of
population to urban areas, traffic jam, serious environmental issues, we need to create a
situation considering “People in rural areas will stay and work in villages instead of
migrating to urban areas in search of employment”. We believe that this project could be
one of the best solutions.
Then we applied for establishing NPO and we were recognized as “NPO Solar Water Green Project” in 2015.
We ask how things are between urban areas and rural areas in Japan. We are trying to find out general conditions in the villages and urban areas of entire India and Japan.
We strongly believe that everybody in any society has right to have safe and trusted food.
Hence, our main aim is to make such societies all over the world.
We strive for the realization of making a society that everybody can take safe and trusted foods naturally everywhere in the world.
We are aiming on a global scale.
Our 3 important policies
But we don’t just give money.